Monday, September 22, 2008

Visitors, Update and My Take

I have to give some credit to this hospital. IMC has done a remarkable job of helping Natalie to be able to stay with her baby. With breastfeeding difficulties and the baby already having forgotten how to do it after being NPO for a while, it was especially important for the nursery to not give bottles. What a great concept to allow people to use an unused hospital room. Nat was able to get rooming in to facilitate breastfeeding now that Avery was moved to a regular nursery while he completed his course of antibiotics. The nursery nurses have been fantastic! We have nothing but praise for the IMC regular, well-baby nurseries. NICU staff are very skilled and we are glad they are there for the sick babies but there are some control issues, they are not all as kind, compassionate and sensible as we would like. OK, some are Nazi-like! As you know I am very upset by the way they used threats to try to coerce Natalie into doing something she did not want to do. I'm sure most people would cave and they are used to that technique working to get their way. Fortunately there are some good nurses there to help balance things overall and God surely sent the great doctor on Saturday!

Coincidentally, I will be spending the next two days in Midway at IHC's Women & Newborns Outreach Conference. I've recently seen first-hand what is happening at their premier hospital so it will be interesting to attend the conference.

Natalie may not be ready for the bombardment that will surely come when they get home. Here she is surrounded by Rob, Ashlie, Emma, Olivia, Alex and me (Jenn was there too but she took the photo).
Emma was happy to finally meet her cousin.
Olivia was pretty possessive!
Too much fun! Everyone is checking out the baby (Olivia, Alex, Grandma, Emma, Ashlie)
The Jackson kids
He still has an IV
Ashlie and Jenn with Avery
He will not be lacking for attention!


  1. What a cute little guy! I hope he contines to improve.

  2. How cute! I HATE MISSING THIS!!!! :( :(


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