Saturday, October 4, 2008

Conference Weekend

On the agenda....
It's supposed to rain so I spent Friday working outside. It's Bountiful cleanup week and I needed to get some excess junk out to the curb. Now it will rain on everything. I still have some more things that I couldn't haul alone so that will be done today before conference I hope. Then I watch the first session from 10-12; run errands between sessions, make soup with veggies from my garden while I watch the second session. Then dinner and cleanup because I'm going dancing after the Priesthood session which ends at 8. I haven't danced in a very long time (about 4 months ago). It's one of the few exercises I actually enjoy so my body's paying the price.

Sunday - conference again 10-12 (I love lounging in PJs for church twice a year!). I'll do some kind of cooking between sessions and watch again from 2-4. When I was a kid it seemed soooooo long. I couldn't understand how people could watch so much of it but now it goes by way too fast. I always enjoy this special and spiritually uplifting time.

Fall is always a busy time and my second job has been busy this week so I've had little time to relax. Liz has been here a lot too since her mom has been in North Dakota all month. Chris has almost emptied his house, sold most of his equipment and furniture - now it's the house and the vehicles. He has a nice Toyota Corolla (standard trans) that gets good gas mileage, a great truck, motorcycle and the luxury van. Jenn has been busy helping him paint and clean the house. If only it was in their price range - they'd love to buy it themselves.

It's nice to accomplish things but life certainly gets hectic so I look forward to this weekend.


  1. I will fly in on Tuesday afternoon sometime, depending on when I can get on a flight. Thanks for watching Liz so much. I can't wait to see her and make some good changes for us.

  2. No problem - we love having Liz around, really. I didn't mean to sound whiny here ~ just busy-ness!


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