Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday, Kenlee!

Kenlee is ten years old today. She's off-track for school so she spent the day at work with Krista - a special treat since they all love her there and she has grown up with these people.

I had to steal this cute photo from Krista's blog....
She's in a silk Chinese dress (authentic!)
If there's a baby nearby, Kenlee will find it! Here she is with Madi and the rest of the gang on July 24.
Kenlee and Madi
In September Kenlee gravitated to new baby, Avery.
She really loves babies.
New haircut for her birthday.
Gathering acorns and treasures at the park.Kenlee loves Hannah Montana everything. She is always playing games on the computer, mostly Club Penguin and the Webkinz website. She loves Webkinz - stuffed animals that have codes to access the website or something like that. She also has quite a collection of Littlest Pet Shop and she shares her dad's interest in fish. She also loves her cat, Sam.

She is doing really well in school. She reads above her grade level and has been was on the honor roll for all of 3rd grade most of 2nd grade. She's a 4th grader now and she has been reading Twilight - I guess now we're into three generations reading it

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  1. Holy cow, if Kenlee is already reading Twilight I guess I better hurry up and crack that book open! I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to even start...


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