Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Avery and Tagged for Threes

Avery is home now! I'm sure he is happy to be without the tubes and wires. But, Nat is not getting any sleep!
Another tag...

Challenged by Jaussi a while ago, I finally got a chance to think about it. I would also challenge anyone reading this to do a little introspection and respond as well.

3 Joys
  • My family - I have the most amazing kids/grandkids!
  • My home - I really love it and I'm grateful to have it.
  • My faith - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I couldn't survive without the guidance and understanding of "bigger picture."

3 Fears
  • Being separated from a loved one due to death, illness, distance, indifference.
  • Cancer or other life-threatening, painful or debilitating illness, especially if it means long-term care needs.
  • Children being harmed.
3 Goals
  • Able to actually retire by, say, age 65!
  • Be in a HAPPY marriage where we both have the same goals, aspirations and devotion for each other.
  • Travel to lots of places both in and outside the U.S.
3 Current Obsessions/Collections
  • Books by Stephenie Meyer (OK, not that current, but as current as anything is)
  • Bags (I really like bags and I have a ton of them)
  • Blogging - I can't help myself.
Other events - my new computer went to Apple repair yesterday. They are ordering something they think will fix it. My boys tell me that's not the problem but the Mac folks insist on replacing this first and the part won't be here until Friday. Then if that doesn't do the trick we'll probably have to wait for something else to be ordered and then it will be, "oh by the way, it's now a weekend" so we will wait some more. Chris and Jon know what to do based on the error messge but they are at Apple's mercy because it is still under warranty. I AM glad for the warranty actually.

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  1. What a cute baby!! I'll bet they are so happy to have him home


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