Sunday, October 26, 2008

They made it to Utah... and the flowers think it's spring.

Chris's house is finished now and Jenn's artistic touches have really made it look great. We'll post some updated photos. Meanwhile, this is so weird! The iris are blooming! They are confused - maybe that's what a southern exposure and very early snow storm will do.

White iris (there's also another whole segment with buds ready to bloom)
This is a beautiful yellow one
Steve, Aubrey and Asher checking out Avery. Asher said, "I want that!"
They arrived here around 11:00 PM. Asher and Josh were quickly put to bed but a little wound up. We were so glad they made it here safely. So often they have made the trip with delays due to weather in Wyoming. This time it was a breeze and the kids were amazing for that long drive.

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