Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's Happening?

Natalie's in-laws have really been doing the rounds this past month. Her father-in-law, Harv had surgery on his spine and he had some complications. Then Megan (Rob's sister's daughter) had a burst appendix. The doctors pointed out it did not just rupture, it literally burst, spewing infection throughout the abdominal cavity and affecting many organs. They had to remove a fallopian tube and section of bowel. She came home just before Olivia's baptism but a few days ago had to go back in because of an abscess. They drained lots of yucky stuff over a few days and they are very worried because she has a fever of 103. This happened right after Avery was born, so Harv and Joanne are dividing their time between LDS and IMC hospitals.

Avery is doing well and will finish his antibiotics on Tuesday night. They hope he will be discharged at that time. So far, so good. Keep praying!

My computer karma continues to be bad! My new computer died. The boys said, "Impossible!" and had to see for themselves. They realized I was telling the truth but said, "Macs just don't do this." Apparently the bad part is covered under warranty so it's off to the Apple home again and I'm back to my old computer which keeps telling me there is not enough disk space. I've cleared off almost every program on here that I can spare and still it won't handle importing my photos. So, the new pictures which are on Jenn's camera are on a memory card with too many others and I can't import the ones I want of the baby. Stay tuned and I'll try to figure out a way.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe your brand new computer died! I'm so glad it's under warranty. ugh. What a pain. I'm so glad the baby's doing well... how sad about Megan!!!! I can't believe that, what a scary situation. I hope she's alright. :(


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