Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who would have guessed?

The Mormons have traditionally been "blamed" for anything people don't like about Utah (although ironically we are rarely lauded for what they like - and if we ran the state, shouldn't we also get the credit there?).

Now we're being targeted for California too! Do we have some influence? Sure (apparently less than 5% of the yes vote - I suppose all the others were influenced by us). Does this mean all those people are the "sheep" we are accused of being - blindly accepting what we are told by church leaders? But, on the other hand, the liberals are voting intelligently, not being influenced by anyone? And, the fact they have spent more on this campaign to kill proposition 8 than any other issue is immaterial. They can spend millions to kill it but we weren't supposed to spend money to support it? I can't get over the irony here.

Everyone - liberal and conservative - has the right to express their political and moral views. We also have the right to support what we believe through time, efforts and money - just as the gays have the right to rally, raise money and support their cause. But when our opinion is that there are moral issues at play here and there really is a right and wrong - not just "anything goes if it feels good to you" it becomes "intolerance," "racism," "inequality" and "hate." The hatred I'm seeing here is from the liberals against the conservative, Judeo-Christians. The position of the church has always been to love those who believe differently while supporting the commandments of God (and for Christians, the teachings of Christ). There really is "sin" and the public opinion does not change eternal truth.

The liberal agenda would include changing the Bible to say what they want it to say - or better yet - get rid of the Bible altogether. Why do we need a Bible to tell us what to do? Shouldn't we be able to choose whatever we want to do? Some may want to get rid of the commandment that murder is wrong and so far, fortunately, society still believes and accepts that one for the most part. But, no doubt, the murderer sitting on death row would love to see society accept that as right also - because it "felt good" to him at the time. Doesn't he have the "right" to do what he wants?

And since when does supporting marriage between man and woman become bigotry? This is belief in a divine law. And since when does the vote of the people mean taking away "rights" that 4 of 7 judges determined. I thought we were a government of the people and by the people. This is why we can vote and why the vote of the people can override a few judges. We would be in a monarchy otherwise.

It appears to me that certain liberals would have us lose our freedoms altogether. They would vote for communism if it meant getting rid of religion (which it traditionally does) and putting laws into the hands of a few who support what they think they want. In the end, the result would be disastrous but as we saw with Hitler and others - if you promise people a few perks, they may fall for the whole package before even realizing what they are getting into. And by the time they realize it is too late.

Check it out on the LDS Newsroom site for official statements.

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