Saturday, November 15, 2008

Offer of the Year!

Incredible deal if you know anyone in the market.

Chris is selling his Honda Odyssey van, fully loaded, leather seats, GPS tracking system, extended transferable 8 year warranty. It has a cycling something that means it goes down to 3 cylinders or something like that when on the highway to reduce gas mileage but loads of power when needed. He even had the undercarriage treatment and paint protection added. I can't even tell you all the extras - if it was available, he added it. Purchased new 3 yrs ago and only 16,000 miles. He has an offer now for $22,000; asking $25,000. He paid over $40,000. This is unreal! I hate to see him give a stranger this fantastic price. The interested buyer is in Phoenix. If you know someone, let us know. We're crying over this one - Nat keeps saying, "remind me, we're getting out of debt, we're getting out of debt..."

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