Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aubrey's in her new apartment...

Before leaving, the gang got together to rake leaves at Chris's house. I think they filled 20 bags and still have more to do in the back yard. The Jackson kids were amazing helpers.
It's been "moving week" for Aubrey to her new apartment. She had to go 23 miles away to find a place that would allow dogs. She is very anxious to have her own house again so we're scrounging basics (dishes, bedding, etc) to keep her going until the Army moves their things after Steve gets his discharge orders. There has been one holdup after another so he's getting discouraged - most recently the physical exam required before exodus. He arrived at his scheduled appointment in his regular uniform and they said he was supposed to be in his PT uni so they wouldn't see him that day. Never mind that nobody told him that before. So a week later he returns, appropriately attired and they said they want to do more labs so he's still waiting.... oh the joys of military life.


  1. This isn't exactly fair... Jenny did ALL the work and I was only there for about 20 minutes raking... haha

    The paperwork is going well so far, so everyone pray they're feeling generous!!!

  2. So why wasn't the camera on Jenn and the others? Good photo of Aubrey though and I couldn't resist stealing it from the file. That's what you get sharing my computer.


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