Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Everyone should be outraged

Good article here (non-LDS in reaction to the fallout after Prop. 8 (or click on post title). This is Kathryn Jean Lopez's closing comment from the article.

"Surely we don't have to be Mormon to be outraged. I make no statement about their recruitment strategies when I say, watching California, "We're all Mormons now." Next time the violent backlash may be in response to a brave Catholic bishop teaching responsibility at the voting booth. Next time it could be an online evangelical dating service hauled into court by a state "civil rights" office for not providing same-sex matchmaking. Oh wait, that already happened in New Jersey.

Now I know why Mormons were so nervous. They were warning the rest of us. Our freedom to believe is at hazard, and it's time we all had the Mormons' backs." (From One News Now)

Another resource for details on actual spending, and answers to allegations. Read the truth and statistics from the L.A. Times here:


"Challenge against Oklahoma marriage laws has been stopped.

Two lesbians married legally in Canada and then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Alliance Defense fund attorney Austin Nimocks says the women filed for divorce.
"[O]klahoma voters reject[ed] those types of relationships by a constitutional amendment [and] the court upheld the will of the voters," said Nimocks.
Seventy-six percent of Oklahoma voters voted for the constitutional amendment, but Nimocks says the Oklahoma case is only one example of tactics by homosexual activists.
"We're constantly fighting those who want to redefine marriage in this country and they are constantly asking judicial activists to redefine the law to bend to their will," he points out.
Nimocks expects the case to be appealed, but also to be upheld."

(American Family Association)

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