Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Betty & more old photos

Today is my favorite aunt's birthday! We did so much together my childhood memories almost always include her family with mine. You'll notice even on my old photos of us as kids there are two extras (her two, Kathy and Kevin). In fact, they were the official photographers I think. We went on vacations with them, they took us to drive-in movies and she was my Girl Scout Leader besides. So, Happy Birthday Aunt Betty! Thanks for being the great lady you are. (I borrowed the photo before from Kathy's Facebook. This Betty and some of her "girls"
Here she and Kathy are in their Girl Scout uniforms.
Kathy, Wayne, Betty, Kevin
Betty volunteered at my elementary school - Lincoln
Some more old photos from my childhood.
Wow, gotta love the hat~ Carolyn and I at Easter, 1963
The whole clan ~ Kathy (cousin), me with Colleen, Kevin (cousin), Carolyn, Craig, Cindy, Wendy, and Gary
In summer - me, Kathy with Colleen, Carolyn, Keven, Craig, Wendy, Gary, Cindy
F YI: I finally posted a family picture of Chris & Kiyomi's. Scroll down to see it or go here:

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