Saturday, May 22, 2010

Add to my "broken" list

My computer died again.  Three hard drives!!  This is crazy.  The last one was only a few months ago - 3-4 at the most.  Nobody can figure out why they keep dying.  I'm glad I bought my little Netbook so I have backup but I can't print from this one for some reason and storage space is more limited so my pictures are downloaded to the other one.  Everyone keeps saying I'm the only person they know with so much trouble from a Mac.  I think I have some kind of reverse Midas touch.

The tailpipe on my car is also falling off.

The positive:

Dishwasher is working again with the new water softener and Ken replaced my broken garage door spring too.

A member of our Elder's Quorum and his son came today as part of our "day of service" and cleaned out my raingutters.  He also noted that some are literally falling off and one slants the wrong way so the downspout is on the uphill side.  Since the roof needs to be redone (not just shingles) the gutter and soffet repair will have to come at the same time.  Now where's that money tree?

I'm getting well and even mowed and trimmed the front lawn.  Didn't want to overdo it with the back too and I knew I would be pushing my luck to be able to start it again.  I have a really hard time with pull start mowers and for some reason this one will sometimes start up once for me but usually not twice.  I need to empty the catcher after the front and three times on the back so chances are not good I can finish the job without someone here to start the mower so the back will have to wait.  No other grownups here.  I also got some inside cleaning done - just a little of what is needed but it actually felt good to be able to work.  Tomorrow is a family dinner to celebrate Emma's birthday.  Wish they could all be here!

Nat's kids came and they played croquet.  (Alex, Avery, Ashlie)
 The little ones always want to check out Suki's kennel.


  1. I'm so glad the dishwasher is working again! That is one of the many luxuries that is really hard to live without! And your garage door getting fixed is awesome, too. Sorry about your computer, though. Your yard looked so beautiful yesterday; I meant to say something about it.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I look forward to feeling well. Just try not to overdo things, I tend to do that and I always regret it.

    Tell Emma Happy Birthday for me!


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