Monday, June 7, 2010

Fixed and broken

Sometimes I just need to write lists...

Newly fixed: 
  • Water softener $400 - fixed the dishwasher problem along with several loads of vinegar, CLR and Dishwasher Magic run through to clean it out.
  • Computer $130 for new hard drive - external this time, so hope it works longer.
  • Garage door spring $60, thanks to Ken's installation - he did the labor as a Mother's Day gift.
  • Muffler/pipe $212
  • Illness - Bills are still coming in but insurance denied my hospital visit ($3,600).  The doc is sending records for appeal.  If they don't want to pay the ER they will probably also deny the ER doc so it may take a while to straighten this out.
 Newly broken:
  • Washer spin problem.  Kind of inconsistent - need to find out if it's a belt-driven machine that might need to have a replacement.
  • Spare refrigerator - freezer compartment is not freezing; yet it's full of food - yikes!
  • Roof needs replacing - sheeting, ice shield and shingles.  Rain gutter is falling off in places - fix that at the same time.  
  • Lawn mower - battery for key-start and wheel needs repair. 
  • Shed door (needs to be finished) 
  • Illness - they want me to buy $323 meds - and that's just my copay.   I'm putting this one off!  
Older broken:
  • Kitchen window
  • Kitchen cabinets/counters/backsplash
  • Kitchen flooring
Rob needs work and I want a new kitchen.  What's wrong with this picture?  Oh,yeah $$$

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