Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fixed & gifted

Ken fixed the washer - $112 with his donated labor. Praying that nothing else breaks! Knock on something... Oh, he also worked on my car - my battery cables were junk so he fixed that a few weeks ago, and changed the spark plugs. These are things I'm not good at. Jon changed the oil - thanks!

Nat and Jon also have been working on a project since Christmas of digitalizing my old photos. I am so excited to have them preserved before any more damage occurs to them from improper storage. My home teacher who works for the Church Historical Dept. also recommends periodic copying of these files to various media since nothing lasts forever. Now I just need to get busy filing and labeling them for easier retrieval when I want them. I would also like to be able to do the same with Grandma & Grandpa J's old photos that my mom has. I did promise Grandpa J safe keeping of them. He said I would have cried if I had seen the suitcase full of prints he sent to the dump once. Yes, I would have! Jon is able to do this at work very quickly and they can be stored neatly on a tiny SD card. Wow! Everyone could have one very easily. Jon was also doing old slides but his personal issues have pushed that project onto the back burner.

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