Saturday, June 12, 2010

A remarkable family

How to have a multi-lingual family. Read this amazing story: DesNews

Corey Heller, founder of Multilingual Living, a website with tips and support for multilingual families, said life is about living a language adventure.

Heller said parents should not get caught up in the details when planning how to raise children in a multilingual home. One of the most important things a parent can do is continue talking in the second language, even when things become discouraging, she said.

"Multilingual children need to hear their second language spoken often, even if you don't hear them using the language themselves," Heller said. "They need to hear it spoken in context, and they need to hear it spoken by as many people as possible."

Cindy Brewer, who lectures about bilingual parenting at BYU, said there are two golden rules for successfully raising a multilingual family: setting concrete boundaries for the languages you will be speaking in your home and requiring your child to respond to you in the target language.

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