Sunday, June 13, 2010


Update:  Jon found the problem.  It's the valve they used for the new water softener, on the recommendation of the guy at Lowe's.  Some kind of push on thing that is supposed to work with pressure????  Anyway, we're still bailing but we can get it fixed at least and I've pretty much mopped everything, thrown out cardboard boxes and tried to save some perishables.

Saturday noticed the basement flooded.  Cleaned it up, washed the rags, towels and rugs.  Thought we had it licked though we didn't know the source.  Groundwater due to our heavy rains?  What could it be?

Sunday noticed the basement flooded - again.  More towels, more mess, more ruined boxes.  I am exhausted and don't know what to do.  I have way too much stuff here and no place to put the "stuff" while I clean it up.

I'm going crazy here and I'm drowning!   Was I supposed to be building an ark?  I guess I missed the memo.  I think shop vac may be on my next wish list but I'd rather figure out what is causing this.  I also need to eliminate lots of boxes that just keep getting ruined.  I did this once, then more people moved into my house with more "stuff" in storage.  Fortunately some of it is in plastic.  But, what to do....

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