Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Physical Labor

I spent the last three days at work moving my office from the first to the fourth floor. Since we're operating at a deficit right now, we didn't have crews to do the moving, so we did it ourselves with the exception of a little help from state prison work detail who moved the big desks and modular walls. We were responsible for boxing all our stuff, moving it and our computers, fax machines, phones, printers, etc. I'm sore everywhere - definitely out of my usual activities - mostly sedentary I'm afraid.

I must say I was pretty proud of myself reconnecting the computer/phone/fax machines and moving a huge bookcase and desks. The space is smaller than where I was before so it's a challenge and I had to dejunk. I am wiped out! By day's end tomorrow I should have all the files and miscellaneous put away. Whew!

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