Monday, June 28, 2010

This is the bug I'm fighting, and it's back!

Very frustrating...

According to the Centers for Disease Control, states all across the country are reporting increased rates of C. difficile infection, as well as increased severity and mortality. The people at greatest risk remain the elderly, especially those using antibiotics. But the surveillance data suggest the bug is extending beyond its usual target demographics—the old, the infirm and the institutionalized—and striking people previously considered low-risk: reproductive age women, children and generally "healthy" people.

This spring, Dr. Becky Miller and her team at Duke University reported that for the first time, prevalence of C. difficile topped that of MRSA in US medical centers. The latter "superbug," though still a major cause for concern has been on the wane since 2005, while C. difficile has been on the rise.

I cannot afford the next round of the expensive antibiotics. I just can't! Looking for a medicine man to shake beads over me, or a miracle. I've been taking probiotics and yet, it's back. What to do?

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  1. This is not encouraging!!! Mortality?!? No. I say NO.


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