Monday, June 28, 2010

OK, more stress

Ken found the source of the leaking ceiling. It's an upstairs toilet but fortunately it's clean water that's dripping. Will need to check into that further - and then of course there's repairing the ceiling...

The washer is working well but making a very loud noise when spinning. I know, at least it's spinning now - vast improvement. But, it sounds like it's dying some kind of slow death in spite of its new parts. And, not to be outdone, my dryer is screeching like it's lost a bearing. Doing laundry around here requires earplugs.

My second refrigerator quit working. First it was the freezer but after cleaning coils and moving people's junk stacked around it, that is now OK, but the fridge quit keeping things cold the other night. When I realized it at midnight, I cleaned my little undercounter fridge (unused for the past year or so). It had mold growing in it (there's a reason people prop fridge doors open when not in use apparently). So after cleaning it out I moved the perishables over. So much for having room to store extra milk for the clan here. Oh, yeah - basement is still flooding. Apparently it has something to do with the condensation on the A/C and I guess I need some kind of pump.

I canceled my colonoscopy appointment. All this hype about getting screened! I was told I needed to pay $353 up front when I went in. This is because my insurance has now slapped a $250 deductible on these procedures, effectively taking them out of the reach of some of us. How much sense does that make if catching early polyps leads to prevention of cancer and more expenses? Along with the deductible and increased copays they added for prescriptions, it is hard to get well by the simpler means (thus, the $323 charge for the antibiotic they wanted me to take). So, people stop taking meds, stop getting their mammogram and colonoscopy, even when they are insured. This is progress in health care?

No matter what you do, how you do it, or your motive, someone will be upset, angry, or offended. Relationship problems make me crazy. OK, so now I'm ranting...


  1. AMEN to your comment about someone getting upset or angry no matter what you do. I've lived with that my entire life. Eventually the only way you can find peace is to just be yourself and wait to see if they'll learn to accept you for who you are or if they'll simply throw you away. In the end, it's their choice, not yours.

    We get to decide who we will love. We don't get to decide who will love us. Our choices prove who we are. Their choices prove who they are.

    We were sent here to find out who we are and these are the kinds of choices that tell us (and everyone else) who we really are. In the end, none of us will be able to hide (or hide from) who we really are.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your medical woes. I can't believe how hard it's been to kick that virus! I'm sorry to hear about the expensive colonoscopy as well; it's insane that insurance companies make it difficult to get preventive maintenance when it can save them so much money in the long run. Try to rest up and get better.

  3. Why don't we bring my washer and dryer inside and use them? It seems like we could eliminate one of the problems we have around here - well, technically two of the problems. I wish I could think of a solution for the roof, ceiling, and your meds... Apparently money really can buy happiness. Or at least sanity!!! Thank goodness Dad has been doing such great work around here. Having the toilet, dishwasher, and washer fixed has definitely helped a lot.

  4. When I was finally able to guilt my parents into getting colonoscopies two years ago it cost them $1,000 for the both of them (with insurance). Thanks to that I doubt I'll be able to talk them into it again and my Dad had some polyps removed... You've got to love the health care in this country!


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