Friday, July 9, 2010

Lawler Reunion

I have no money but I must attend the Lawler reunion in Boise this weekend. Nat and her family are coming too. We feel it's just too important to miss making a few connections with cousins, long lost. I guess I'm praying for a miracle to make it possible because I do think this is important. I try to avoid debt like the plague but here I am at one of those crossroads. Is this a good reason for a little debt? Gas, motels and food are the main expenses.

I feel badly that a cousin, Sherry, is apparently in the same boat and feels she can't attend, though she was one of the original promoters of the event. I wish I had money to fund her, Nat and myself for this. I'm not sure how many of the relatives are still in Boise but it is hard for those of us in Utah and California. Gas prices are ridiculous right now. But, I guess I'll bite the bullet and look for a second (or third) job later.

Two more reunions this summer - Dixie Chicks and 40th H.S. Here's praying for the best (and no further breakdowns at my house).

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