Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My new office at work

Well this is my new home away from home on the fourth floor (100 steps). We had to do all the moving ourselves so it was quite a chore. And, the space is smaller, we had no budget for furniture and had to make do with what we could scrounge that would fit since my old office had modular furniture attached to the walls.
I found two credenzas. They don't actually match but the matching set (desk and credenza) was too big for my space. This works pretty well.
My mom gave me the name sign for Christmas.
The monstrous white board must go. I would like a small one but this one is huge. Sending it to a conference room as soon as I can find someone to move it (it's on the list).
Pretty much fit everything in - even my pictures and old-fashioned medical bag. Could use a few wall decorations but it feels almost homey now and I'm getting used to the stairs.

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