Thursday, July 15, 2010

So tempting

Is the grass greener?

I rarely see jobs posted that I might like as well or better than where I am, and of course there is always the unknown factor (might like it a whole lot more or a whole lot less). Today I saw such a job, but now I have 10 years in the state retirement system I am reluctant to disrupt that. I don't have much for retirement anyway d/t poor planning and part-time/stay-at-home time and I'm not even sure what this means. The legislature keeps cutting our benefits, we get no pay increases and the insurance is very much inferior to what it used to be.

So, I'm tempted to apply and make another leap, but into the unknown at this time just seems a little risky and as most of you know, I am not a risk-taker. I don't even put coins in slot machines in Nevada (do they still take coins?). The question - stay where I am, in spite of my frustration with the "system" and insurance or jump into the unknown? I like variety in my work and have enjoyed that about nursing so far.

I'm certainly tired of being at the complete mercy of the state legislature. No raises for several years, benefits dwindling and threats of further cuts. Politics. Not that anyone is immune...

Don't get me wrong. I am very happy to have a job and I usually enjoy it for the most part. But, I'm stuck in an organization with a very liberal slant on politics and life. It's also frustrating to see firsthand the inefficiency of government agencies when there's nothing to be done. I have worked in both the public and private sectors and there are pros and cons to each. I'd like to try the church next :) They just don't need a lot of nurses except on their humanitarian projects. But, wouldn't it be nice to be able to work for free?


  1. I want to hear about the new job! I say leap. Although... I do like the schedule you have now (Fridays off), and you have some good benefits (like going in late when you're sick). Hmm.

  2. I got a real chuckle out of your comment Aubs. Why am I not surprised that Aubs would say "go for it!" even before she knows the details about the job?

    That's what I like best about you . . . you're a consistent adventurer. :)

  3. I say go for it too! I always think, what is the worst case scenario? You don't get the job? so what. At least you put yourself out there...also, it's good to freshen up that resume every once in a while.
    Oh and i'm very curious as to what it is.


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