Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dad is doped!

Last night (Monday) I stopped to see dad. He was very out of it and in talking to the nurse I learned they had given him 100 mg. Seroquel as a sleeping pill the previous night. I was not aware of any sleeping issues (he sleeps a LOT). It seems it had knocked him out for the entire day. I was not aware of any sleeping med they were giving aside from Melatonin which the nurse said gives a "soft sleep". With his questionable neuro status I was very upset to find they were giving strong medicine like this for sleep. Aubrey and someone else I know both were prescribed this med and it knocked them out for two days straight. Aubrey couldn't even stay awake to care for her baby.

So, one step back and I think it was caused by the hospital staff!!

Today I'm at Education Week and haven't heard a report from anyone yet. Hoping he's doing better after waking up. They said they were planning to hold the pill last night and give a quarter dose tonight. My vote is for NO dose tonight either. It just doesn't seem worth it if it makes him so groggy he can't to the physical therapy, sit, stand or anything else to get him on the road to recovery. Crazy!

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