Monday, August 16, 2010

Update - a positive step!

(picture taken June, 07)

Dad had a good day yesterday (Sunday). Colleen was in town and spent 4 or 5 hours with him during which time he was responsive, winked, smiled and watched PGA with her. Yay!! WBC count was down to 21, Yay again! and I think he may have turned a corner. I went up in the evening just after they had bathed him and he looked so good. He was worn out and sleeping but woke after about 45 minutes and was watching the news from 9:00 to 10:30 with me.

Saturday night when I was there the LDS Elder came by. I told him dad would probably be receptive to a blessing but he was very much "out of it" that day. He received a sweet blessing of comfort and knowledge that Heavenly Father is aware of his situation. He immediately opened his eyes at the end of the blessing - I think it was a "thanks" and after about 30 seconds he went back to sleep.

Keep praying! It's working.

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