Saturday, August 14, 2010


I debated about blogging this, but it is his life right now. It's hard and he appreciates the support he receives. But, he's getting very discouraged and needs continuing prayers. Before the tube was removed he was hating life. Getting the trach helped but then his white cell went up, they feared he had pneumonia and it was a bit of a setback.
Two nights ago he became quite alert. He looked pretty good after his bath so I took a picture. He opened his eyes and kind of smiled...
He looks pretty good here. I hope he'll forgive me for blogging but there are lots of family members who haven't been able to get here to see him since they restrict visitors somewhat in the ICU and we try to keep the numbers down. Still, he gets lots of visitors because of his immense popularity.
All 4 girls came today (Saturday) at the same time. He was not cooperating - maybe he's a night person and will wake up again tonight for a bit. He won't love this picture but I hope when he's well he'll enjoy seeing that we were all there.
The LDS elder came by this evening and gave him a blessing of comfort and knowledge of God's awareness of him. Craig also gave him a blessing a couple of weeks ago as did some of his local Priesthood leaders. At times like this much comfort comes from the basics of the Gospel and understanding of the bigger plan (of Salvation). He was taught by a good mother and he has reached out for blessings and comfort now. He "told" me (wrote), "I've made some bad choices in my life, but I'm getting better." I agree - we all have and we all are.

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