Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deal of the Day

Another great "Freebies2Deals" deal...
There's a crazy $19.99 Full Year Subscription of weekends only (great for ads and coupons) to the Salt Lake newspapers (either one or both) which ends on Tuesday. BUT- since Monday is Labor Day and the newspaper offices will be closed, you will need to get your order in by TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 3rd!!

The price will go back up to $64 for a whole year subscription starting next week. So don't miss out!

To grab this deal, or to upgrade your current subscription- call up Debbie 801-344-2923. MAKE SURE you tell her you heard about this deal from Freebies2Deals so she can give you the right rate! She is the one who is taking care of getting these subscription in for all of us. So BIG thanks to her! If you get her voice mail, it may say "The Daily Herald". Don't let that confuse you; she works for the Salt Lake Papers too. Just leave a message if you don't get a hold of her. And she will call you back!

**When she calls you back, you will want to make sure you answer and caller-ID doesn't show who is calling. So, I would recommend calling TODAY to get it set up.

I just did this and the coupons will be worth the $20 per year. You can subscribe to more than one paper if you're a couponer. I tend to forget to use coupons regularly. The ads are always nice around Christmas though.

AND for the thrift-shoppers, Saver's is having their 50% off sale on Monday, Memorial Day!

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  1. I am sooo going to do this! I hope it's not too late.


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