Friday, September 3, 2010

Bucket List

I was reading about this on Divorce Candy. They suggest making a bucket list of things you wanted to do but perhaps didn't after saying "I do." Sounds like a great idea. Mine are more general in nature rather than specific events but the idea is the same - focus on something positive you want to do. Obviously time and money are handicaps but I think it's OK to dream anyway. This is the start of my bucket list.
  • Travel (take vacations!)
  • Dance
  • More scripture study (read to understand)
  • Take a class or two for fun
  • Make time for family history research
  • Do a walking tour of SLC (staycation)
  • At least another Broadway show or two

1 comment:

  1. Broadway shows are on my bucket list too, you can take me!! ;)


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