Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who needs a tetherball pole?

I have a very sturdy and tall tetherball pole cemented in a tire. It is big and heavy and I don't have a great place for the kids to play with it. It needs a new rope. I bought one at Walmart with a ball quite inexpensively but it got worn out. If the original owner wants it back or if you know someone around here who could use it, perhaps with a good playing area, it is here for the taking. I was always jealous as a kid, of my cousin's tetherball poll and expected my grandkids to love it too. I find it just requires a little more room than I have with all the cars at my house.

I also have this adjustable basketball hoop and stand which someone bought last year at our garage sale for $10. But then they never came and got it - needed a truck. A year later this lady came by and was excited that it was still here, said she'd been in Hawaii and would have her brother come for it. That was about 3 months ago. I think the $10 would cover the storage so if someone wants it, they can come get it. I wish I had a phone number for that lady!

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