Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More prayers needed

My dad was doing great over the weekend, talking with a speaking valve in his trach and joking - looking forward to rehab. Then on Monday he aspirated when they gave him contrast dye for a CT scan and now he appears to have developed pneumonia. His white blood count was already steadily rising and the reason for the scan was to determine if there was any abdominal abscess that might cause the elevation. None was found, but the test itself ultimately insulted his lungs and he is very ill again. This is so sad - and they still don't know why the WBC elevation. I suspect he could be septic and since we know he has MRSA and pseudemonis (from the lungs and quite common in this setting) I am very worried. He is on two antibiotics and now we need prayers. I put his name on the prayer roll of the temple.


  1. I'm sorry Mom. I hope he gets better soon!!

  2. That is pretty awful! I'm so sad he has taken such a dramatic turn for the worse after things were really looking up.


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