Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Last night I had a crazy dream..."

This is the opening line of the Lonestar song, One More Day that we played at Dad's funeral at Sandy's request. Well, I had one last night - a dream, that is.

I went to the hospital after work, as I had so many other days. When I arrived the nurse was bringing something into his room - a box (yes, a box - in dreamstyle) of plain water??? (overpriced no doubt) to be used for something that signified he was better now. He was in bed with the head up, no tubes, smiling and talking. His hair was darker and his voice was as it was before he got sick. When he saw me he said, "surprised you, huh?" I was definitely surprised to see how well and happy he looked.

The dream woke me up and I had trouble getting back to sleep, but not because it upset me in any way. It was a very calm awakening. I finally got back to sleep but then I had trouble waking up for work so I was late arriving. When I was telling our program secretary about the dream (and why I was late) she looked at my photo of my dad in my office and said that hearing this literally gave her chills and she said she knew immediately what it was - Dad's way of letting me know everything is fine and he is well (at last)! I also knew right away that what she understood was true. She said she had a similar experience when her father-in-law passed away and it brought tears to her eyes having this experience again while talking to me. She said the chills started as soon as she looked at his picture and went away as she left my office.

Maybe I got one more day.
This is the picture in my office

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  1. Just saw this for the first time. Cool dream! :)


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