Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mitt Romney for President?

People didn't think John F. Kennedy was electable because he was Catholic.
Aren't we ready for something different in politics - someone with moral values? And aren't we supposed to be past religious stereotypes and prejudice?If the rumor had been that Obama was Mormon rather than Muslim, would he have been elected?


  1. I don't understand this...because Obama is not Muslim...he is Christian.
    And hey...Obama has moral values! Maybe not Clinton...not sure who you were referring to?

  2. No, I just meant that rumors were going around (and still are) that he is Muslim - yet he was "electable" while they keep saying we would never elect a Mormon president. My point was just that they said the same things about Kennedy as a Catholic - that the Catholic church would run the country, etc. I was just implying that in some circles you're better off even in these times of terrorism to be thought to be Muslim than Mormon. Perception, that's all.


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