Sunday, November 28, 2010

We decorated!

Happy Birthday to my son, Chris! Monday is his birthday but it's already Monday in Japan. He's a wonderful son and I miss him and his family terribly. But, I know that his being happy with his little family is the most important thing.

With help from the grandkids (and Aubrey & Steve), I got my house decorated which required major furniture moving. Steve's muscle building paid off when he lifted the piano off the coasters, moved it and lifted it back on the coasters. The angel is crooked, but we're all pretty short here...
My decorating style is eclectic, nostalgic and comfortable - nothing to shout about and everything has been used for years, but it means a lot to me and I love putting up the tree each year.
Part of my village - These were acquired one at a time and I only added those that had meaning in my life.
The rest of the village.
I have so many decorations many of them stayed in the box this year. With a few more scattered in the house, there's still not enough table space for everything - and with a one-year old in the house, we're really limited when it comes to high places.

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