Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Sad tale...

Ah, life before the S. C. disaster when we actually had some money to shop. This past year my son had created a small Christmas account for the kids at $20/paycheck and he was so excited to actually have some money to use now since he only gets to take home $3/hour after child support, but ORS nabbed it and apparently sent it to STBX. Her lawyer convinced the court to hold him in contempt for the back child support prior to the court appearance. Now there's no money at all, even to bring them here. It's the most tragic thing I have ever seen. That the children would be deprived of their father in this way because it is good for her is beyond belief. Here Jon has been faithfully working, providing the only income they have out there (besides the welfare) and he can't even see his kids or buy them gifts.

Now they get to travel to Virginia for Thanksgiving in her new-to-her van instead of coming to Utah (his turn).

Meanwhile she tells the kids he could come there whenever he wants (never mind he can't afford travel, hotel, rental car and time off work while she drags him back to court for ongoing legal expenses and he is actually working - retail - no time off for travel and no vacation pay). He is the only one in that family who is working and yet she tells the kids they could come to Utah if their dad pays their way (at ridiculous prices due to holiday fares and location - not an inexpensive destination). So, it looks to them like he doesn't want them. Yet, he is the hard-working, loving and devoted parent who doesn't want to rely on welfare for livelihood and is willing to use more money in gas to get to work than he can bring home after child support payments (for the children he doesn't get to see).

Oh, and he can Skype twice a week for 30 minutes (two hour time difference and work schedules only allow one or two of the ordered three). Never mind that the connection there is so poor we can only see vague images of the children and must use the cell phone for sound.

One day they will be old enough to learn the truth. An attorney recently told my friend that his situation was similar. When he grew up and learned his mother had manipulated, she was the the one he resented and much worse than he had resented the absent father previously. This is the second story of this type that has been relayed to me after people heard of his dilemma.

This is abuse!


  1. This is insane. I'm so sorry for Jon and the girls. Did the custody evaluator make a final decision?

  2. Still waiting. I can't believe how these things can drag out for years with little children hanging in the balance.

  3. I cannot get over the way a custody evaluator would allow a case involving little children to take SO long when the entire case is waiting for him. How can he not care about the welfare of those kids and want to help everyone get on with their lives!

    Anyone who hasn't seen a case like this up close and personal has a lot to learn about the "justice" system.


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