Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help Wanted?

I think I need to find additional work.  I love working for the state but the legislators have not been kind to us over the past few years (no raises, loss of benefits, higher deductibles and insurance copays...).  I need additional income.  As much as I hate to give up weekends, I think I need to find something.  Of course I'm a little bit particular about what I want to do if I give up my limited free time, but I'm open to suggestions. 


  1. I have NO idea what you have in mind...but I know Costco pays good.
    also, Jet Blue reservations online (I have some friends that do that)
    but I agree...haven't had a raise here in forever either....
    have you ever thought of doing anything in a hospital setting on a per diem basis? they are always looking for weekends...and pay is great for per diem.

  2. Michelle - I have considered it but I've been out of clinical for so long I would probably need a refresher and I don't know when I could do full-time orientation or anything like that. I have considered psych. My other whine is the 12 hour shifts - I hate starting work at 7:00 AM! Nights on Fridays would be possible. I guess I'm spoiled now.


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