Thursday, March 31, 2011

The only sure thing is change

Looks like more changes, more stress - this time relating to my job.  Can't reveal what's up yet, but it's been a year to remember for sure!  Hopefully something good is coming and I'm being prepped for it...

I received another huge compliment when a friend called me "a woman of substance."  Is it coincidental that it's also the title of one of my favorite (fiction) books?  There are a lot of things I am not but I really appreciate not being seen as shallow even if that means I'm not so popular.  When other things - academic achievement, artistic talent, position, beauty, possessions, etc. are prized, we sometimes lose sight of traits like this and don't appreciate what it means to get this kind of compliment.  I can't stand shallow.  It is important to me to be true to my values, to have a brain, an opinion and, well, substance...  maybe right up there with kind, nice, smart.  I'll take it - thanks!

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