Saturday, March 12, 2011


Chris is home; family fine!  The Lord is good.

They experienced only minor damage and we feel very blessed.  Many prayers have been offered in their behalf.  There is power here.  Continued prayers to those who have been harmed in any way in this disaster.  We are praying for a family Chris was close to on his mission - Hoshi is the name.  They live right on the ocean front and could have been swept away.  These are wonderful people, as most Japanese are.  Chris has no way to contact them at this time.  Prayer is all we have.

I just can't express our gratitude for the safety of Chris and his family, including Kiyomi's dad.

If you want an eerie feeling, read Natalie's blog post of March 1st.  We know warnings often come.  The lesson for us here is to update and make accessible our food and commodities storage.  Keep the gas tank full, cash on hand (some smaller bills; not 100s) and don't forget the toilet paper.

Great news to learn all the LDS missionaries in Japan have now been in contact and are OK. This is a blessing.

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