Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another weekend...

I am grateful for the job offer.  I will be in the Fostering Healthy Children program as a case manager for the health care needs of children in foster care.  It will be a difficult clientele compared to what I have been doing in WeeCare and I loved doing the blog so I will miss that.  But I think the people I work with will be good and it looks like two days a week I will be in Bountiful.  How perfect is that?  The main office is in Ogden so two days will be there.  They tell me it's a very nice office.  Bountiful is very small.  And, I will be able to continue my four day work week.  A change of jobs is always stressful but this will be less so than starting over as a new employee at PEHP.  It means simply a transfer so my benefits go with me.  Still there is stress and that's not welcome right now.  I guess I had "settled in" where I was so that didn't require much of me.  It takes about six months to learn a new position.  They tell me a year to really be confident in it.  Anyway I'm still a state employee and that has its positives and negatives.  I just wasn't sensing much positive with PEHP.  The work environment means a lot to me.  I think this will be good and it is an answer to my prayers.

I have been very, very busy.  I've enjoyed the attention of many friends.  

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