Friday, April 29, 2011

My new dryer

My dryer went out a few months ago and we moved Aubrey's set in from the storage shed.  Now that she has moved I needed to replace the dryer.  I decided I was never buying another used set but new is so expensive!  This one was a return to Lowe's for repair but the technician could find nothing wrong with it.  So, I got it for half price.  I wish I could afford the matching washer but mine still works - at least I think it does - so I really can't justify it.  It's been a while since I used it.  We'll find out soon.  Meanwhile the dryer is in my living room/entryway.  I told the fam that I don't get new furniture very often so I might as well show it off for a while!

Feeling physically ill today, but emotionally well (and loved)!  It also looks like I won't have to leave state employment as I got an offer today in another program.  Details are yet to be handled but it is another case management position.  I'll miss my WeeCare blog and my clients!  At least I won't have to go back to "new hire" status or spend my nights in additional education pursuits.  I just want to leave work at work but I didn't want to start over so this is a nice alternative.


  1. I can't wait to hear about your new job! Is it in SL?

  2. What a great looking dryer! Love your idea of putting it in your living room/entryway:). Must go well with the sofa and coffee table.



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