Friday, April 15, 2011

The Master's Hand

Wow! I loved this exhibit. Click the post title for information about the exhibit of original works of Carl Bloch currently at BYU's Museum of Art.  Do not miss it if you can possibly get here. I heard today that they have extended evening hours to accommodate.  Stay at my place if you're out of town. I'm not really close to Provo but it's within driving distance. And it's free! You can rent an iPad for narration $3. You can't beat this. I'm going back again if I possibly can. There are other exhibits too. It's unfortunate we can't take photos in the museum but it's etched on my memory and heart.  See his work here.
I also enjoyed chamber music on Tuesday with a friend.  This is my week for culture.  Very nice experiences in an otherwise stressful time of my life.

Good news too.  I love to attend Campus Education Week at BYU every August.  I think I've only missed it twice in 20+ years.  I usually have to pay for a motel and they're pricey but this year I landed a spot in campus housing (just got the letter).  I'll be assigned a roommate because I couldn't find any single friends to go with me and I had to pay in advance, but so worth it.  Where else could I stay for $87 a week?  It is so fun for me to go.  I'm looking forward to my little staycation.

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