Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broadway on my mind

Maybe it's because Fred won Husband of the Year last week when he surprised Jenn with front row center seats for Wicked in Boise...  she has wanted to see that since it first opened on Broadway.  He also took her shopping for clothes for anniversary/Mother's Day.
She even got the t-shirt!
Or maybe it's because I have New York on my mind.  At any rate, Broadway music just keeps running through my head so it will probably keep popping up here.  Hope you don't mind.
I start my new job tomorrow morning.  I have to be up by the U at 7:30 AM - it might kill me!  One of the reasons I have liked my job is the flexibility of hours.  My partner took the early morning, starting at 7 and I the late hours starting at 9.  It worked well for both of us.  After Monday's training I might be on an 8:00 schedule but we'll see how it works out.  As for tomorrow I have a black eye.  I fell outside the church last night after Adam's play was over.  It was dark in the parking lot and the cast was outside greeting the audience as they exited.  I tripped on a step up from the parking lot to the sidewalk and hit my forehead - the kind you can hear crack when you hit.  I told Natalie I wonder why I wasn't able to catch my fall before hitting my head.  She said, "I guess you weren't supposed to break your wrists." Ashlie recently broke her wrist that way.  The goose egg on my head and now the black and blue eyelid is minor by comparison. 


  1. Sorry to hear you were hurt. Hope you're feeling better and there are no lasting effects of the fall.

  2. Why no picture of the black eye??? LOL

  3. Aubrey took a picture of the black eye but I grabbed an SD card that can't be read by either of my computers for some reason. Acts fine in the camera; not for downloading. It's not much to see and today I was tempted to do some serious purple eyeshadow from the lashes to the brow on the other side to make it look intentional - or at least even but I decided that would probably look worse on my new job. The eyebrow has also been pushed down by the swelling so I look kind of funny. However, as the eyelids start drooping with age, less of the lid shows:)


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