Friday, July 8, 2011


Elizabeth means survivor to me.

Elizabeth Smart, now famous as a survivor of horrendous abuse and kidnapping will be working for ABC News.  Read more here.  She is beautiful and a real role model for other young women.  She is now fluent in French due to her LDS mission to Paris, France, and she is completing her college education.  Congratulations, Elizabeth!  Desnews article here.
Photo Deseret News

Another hero of mine is also named Elizabeth.  Liz Murray is now well-known for her story From Homeless to Harvard.  I heard her speak at a national conference I attended in Virginia and was moved by her story of overcoming tremendous odds to become someone great.   She also sponsored Blessings in a Backpack - a program where backpacks are filled for kids whose only real meals are government provided school breakfasts and lunches.  At the end of the school week they get food in a backpack so they won't be hungry on weekends.

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