Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time to update

When Chris said today that he didn't know I was working in Bountiful now I realized I've been so busy obtaining, transitioning to, learning, and now doing the new job I haven't even blogged about it.  For the record's sake I started May 16.

So, my job is interesting, challenging and I think I'm going to like it. PLUS, it's so close to home I could walk there if I got up early enough. I start at 7:30 AM and that's already a stretch for me.  During the training I spent the first month commuting to Ogden, the next three weeks in Clearfield - leaving the house at 6:45 AM was rough for this night person!  Now I can leave at 7:25 and I can come home for lunch.  Today I took the dog for a walk after I ate a bite. I'm even close enough to run to Chris's house to show it to a potential renter and stop by the Farmer's Market on Thursdays, which closes at 7 - in the past I couldn't make it. I'll try to resist shopping at Yours, Mine, and Ours (local consignment shop that stays open late - to 7 PM on Wednesdays).

The job is working with DCFS and I'm finding it's a mix of what I did at all my previous jobs - what I did at Head Start, psych that I did at the Child, Adolescent and Family Center, baby stuff like I did in the hospital newborn nursery, a little bit of women/newborn stuff like I did with WeeCare and a bit of social work, family observation, education, epidemiology like I did at Davis County Health Dept. and very extensive charting. The challenge there is writing so it can be read and understood by non-medical people if needed in family court or by case workers. So, all the abbreviations we used as nurses and shortened sentences without subjects (i.e. "spoke with pt.). Now it's "I spoke with _____ (by name), foster mother of _______ (by name) and we discussed...."  I am so glad I took typing in junior high!  I've also used databases and other programs enough to be quite comfortable even with a very challenging one they use here.

I find every job I've had thus far, including that of mom/grandma taught me what I need for this one. I guess it's meant to be, or at least progression, and maybe the challenge will help keep my mind from deteriorating too rapidly. I was resisting learning so much new stuff but I'm sure it's good to stretch the brain a bit, even at my age.  I have to admit I could almost do the last job in my sleep.  Might as well keep busy until I'm ready to play checkers in the park, or until my ship comes in...

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