Thursday, August 25, 2011


Read this story of an LDS Comedian, Jenna Kim Jones, who has a "clean show" - some critics called her "adorable" in a condescending manner because - get this - her show isn't "raw enough".  Actually that's a big plus in my book.

I once went to a comedy club with friends.  The organizer of the activity inquired about the content before we bought the tickets.  She was assured by the box office staff that it was not raunchy and would be acceptable to Mormon audiences.  I think this was their dea of a sick joke.  The show was beyond disgusting, and I'm not a prude.  Not leaving in the middle out of fear of offending my friends is one of the more regrettable moments in my life.  There are images indelibly etched in my brain from that.  Fortunately after many years I have been able to forget the details, but the sick feeling I had will never leave me. 

I have learned from this experience but sometimes my friends on Facebook get a little bit obscene - or someone shares with me some crude jokes they get on theirs.  It makes me wonder if those people who post this really don't understand that current and potential future employers often check this resource to discover information about the person - and use it against them.  Short-sightedness for sure.

Anyway, bravo for Jenna and others who work to make our world a better place even in the little things. 

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