Friday, August 19, 2011

The King James Bible & beyond

I spent many hours of the last three days learning.  My favorite class focused on the Apostle Paul.

I must backtrack.  Monday afternoon I had a fever of 104.9 - kind of worried the doctor.  I got an antibiotic shot, more oral antibiotics and probiotics to try and prevent a recurrence of last year's problems.  She let me go when they got the fever down to 103.9 (with instructions to go to the ER if I got worse rather than better).  Instead I opted for and received a Priesthood blessing.  I was able to make it to Provo by 10:00 PM Monday night.  Nothing short of miraculous.  Attending Education Week is the high point of my summer every year and I couldn't bear to miss it - besides I had already paid the very nominal registration fee and bed in the dorm.

Besides coming to better understand the New Testament (something that will help me in my Gospel Doctrine teaching) I also renewed my testimony that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ.  How blessed we are to have these scriptures which have come to us at great peril and sacrifice. 

By Thursday night my head was so full of information and I was so overcome by things in my life (both wonderful and challenging) I could not even sleep 30 minutes the whole night.  I lost my last Ambien I brought for the trip, knowing I don't sleep well outside my own bed/home.  (Note to self:  always take more than I think I need).  My poor Alabama roommate was a light sleeper and my insomnia didn't help her either.  She was telling me how in "the South" the majority believe we (Mormons) are going to hell.  I knew this but my optimism keeps me thinking things will change as people really learn about us.  This was also kind of ironic because I finished reading "The Help" on this trip too (a book I highly recommend).  Something about the southerners I guess.  The author pointed out some of the ironies of the various types of prejudice and discrimination.  It's not all about color.

I came home early today so I could attend my friend's beautiful wedding in the Bountiful temple.  This was a second time marriage for both and it was so amazing!  They also have received miracles that brought them to where they are now. Even after having only a 3 hour nap today for my only sleep in the past 36 hours I'm still not able to sleep.  But, I have the Ambien so at least there's a good chance I'll sleep soon.   This week has been a much needed spiritual rejuvenation. It's what I need to keep going when things are rough.

Anyway, back to "normal" - whatever that is - and preparing my Sunday School lesson.  I hope I'm a better teacher for what I've gained this week.

One of the instructors made the comment that our failing economy is merely a symptom of our failing moral society.  Scriptures and history books have shown that every great society has experienced such breakdown after their rise in wealth and corruption.  We can only put a bandaid on the sore by "fixing" the economy.  What we need is to fix the breakdown in America. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana) 

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  1. As a student of history, and of human nature, I have always loved this quote by George Santayana. It is absolutely true.

    Those who chose not learn from the lessons of the past are CONDEMNED to repeat them. They don't just happen to unlucky people who repeat them. They happen to EVERYONE who repeats them. Poor choices produce poor results - EVERY TIME - in all ages of time and in all forms of society and in all personal lives.

    This one I can testify to through personal experience. Poor choices ALWAYS lead to poor results. And there comes a time in the lives of nations and people when it is too late to go back and wish we had made other choices. When that day arrives we cannot avoid the consequences of our choices, neither as a nation or as an individual. When that day comes, and surely it will, the consequences of our choices fall upon us with unrelenting, unmerciful certainty.


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