Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pew forum report

Pew Forum reports that Mormons volunteer "much more" than the general public.  It's not about boasting because it is what we are charged to do by Jesus himself.  It does make me feel good to see this report and it should better show what "Mormons" are about.  It can be found here.  Another interesting site is found here that reports coverage and news media about our recent General Conference, where we hear the words our our prophet and apostles who remind us twice a year in this worldwide assembly and broadcast of how to keep ourselves on track - the straight and narrow path, that is. 

With a husband who is a recent convert, previously devout Evangelical Christian, it was interesting to see conference from his view and perspective.  He has found that the restored gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints perfectly supports his basic Christian beliefs and adds important missing pieces.  While my husband is having some serious challenges, this has been an anchor for him, as his Christianity always has been in his life.

I hope my friends from the midwest will take time to tour the newly completed Kansas City, Missouri Temple.  More info here

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