Friday, May 18, 2012

Behind the scenes

Much work happens around the stage.  Little geishas Kess and Emma with Olivia at the souvenir table.
Jon took cast photos for display.
Emma loved the make-up.  Her mom was involved in every aspect of the show.

Geishas Kess, Emma and Kaycia
Itty bitty blossoms...

Adam's checking out the stage sets - dads were carpenters

Emma loved being involved, even as an "extra"
David, staying to the bitter end cleaning up the Green Room (costumes and make-up here)

Emma's 5 minutes of fame
Many hours of sewing
A few of the costumes

Adam as a model - he was a good sport

Fred - we'll take a model wherever we can get one

More costumes finished
 The making of a cherry tree...
Noah and Adam

Everybody worked very hard for a fine production.  I'll post more of the play later.

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