Saturday, May 26, 2012

Defining the LDS Church

 Speaking of reporters who don't bother to do the real homework for their reporting of LDS beliefs and doctrine... while crediting some with fair and balanced reporting, Richard Eyre writes:
     "But unfortunately, there are many, many others who really seem to think “the Mormons are fair game” and who seem to feel that their reporting will be more sensational if they focus on sources “with an edge,” which often means sourcing our critics, our splinter groups and those who have completely or partly broken with the church for various reasons.
     And we let them get away with it. Maybe we are a little too nice and a little too forgiving. If media wrote or reported the same kinds of things (or used the same flawed sources) about other religions, they would instantly be branded at best as politically incorrect and at worst as bigots."
"If more journalists and commentators would take the time to really do their homework, to talk not only to the “official” church but to a few of its regular, everyday faithful members, they would portray us as less weird and more exceptional."
My feelings exactly.   Please go to the source.  What has happened to journalism, and being objective, avoiding bias?  What about "abundance mentality".  There is enough to go around.  Why do some insist on tearing us down.  Does it really make someone else look better?  What it really does is makes the reporter look lazy and, yes, biased.

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