Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom's Day - that's me!

All the local kids threw me a picnic at the park for Mother's Day.  Missing:  The Japanese family and Jon's kids who were with their mom.  Missing mom from the photos:  Jenn - she was behind the camera, but she was there.
Heather & Jon

Justin, Steve, Aubrey, Adam, Natalie, Max and me, Krista

Max and me

Max, me and Suki
Max said to his mom, "Suki drinks water.  And Suki likes to eat her yucky chocolate chips."   I hope he knows they're yucky because that's what we've always told him to stop him from playing with and/or trying to eat her dog food.  I want to believe he didn't actually find out for himself about that....
Josh and his mom, Aubrey

Justin, Krista, Aubrey (with Olivia in the background)

Aubrey, Me, Max and Josh
Fred with the boys.  Everyone wants a dad like that.

More photos on Grandma's Brag Blog (invitation)

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