Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"The spiritual part of us and the emotional part of us are so closely linked that it is possible to mistake an emotional impulse for something spiritual."  Boyd K. Packer


  1. Amen. That's what happened to me when I blessed you and Seth that he would be born well and healthy. Personal emotion and spiritual promptings can feel EXACTLY the same.

    Through that experience, and other mistakes I've made, I've learned that safety lies in asking ourselves whether or not our personal spiritual "guide" is prompting us to do or say something that is in opposition to the scriptures and the word of modern day prophets of God. Having learned the hard way, I now trust the scriptures and modern day prophets whenever their teachings come in conflict with my own wants or desires or personal interpretation of a "prompting".

    I found, the hard way, that it's much easier to be humble than it is to be humbled by God.

    Alma 32:13-16 applies to me.

  2. I took this quote from the book "Hearing the Voice of the Lord. Principles and Patterns of Personal Revelation" by Gerald N Lund. It's been a huge help to me and has helped me recognize some promptings that I had either ignored or refused to accept. I highly recommend it!


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