Friday, March 28, 2008

Just a note....

Last night I started an eight week Excel class. I have used Excel for data sorting and other uses but have not been able to master the formulas (my aversion to anything mathematical) so I am taking a beginning (4 week) class followed by an advanced (4 week) class from my favorite computer teacher at Bountiful High's Community School. Last night was VERY basic and I didn't learn anything I didn't already know, but I felt I needed to make sure I hadn't missed some important early information so I endured it. This will help me achieve a goal for this year!

Today I'm off work, getting hair cut, looking at another used washer and dryer, then going to the Home and Garden Show. Life is hectic and it's just one day at a time....

Soon I am going to tackle organizing my blog labels to contract them so the list is not so out of control. I guess you'll know when I achieve that one.


  1. Can I ask the name of your favorite teacher? My Aunt and my Dad both teach computer classes at BHS, so I'm curious.

  2. It's Community School (in the evening) and her name is Laverna Stapler. She is very good for teaching even beginners without moving too fast or going over the students' heads. I have taken several classes from her over the years.

  3. She is my Aunt! And one of my favorites at that. She's a great teacher, I'm glad you're enjoing her class. I'll have to tell her that I know you!

  4. What a small world. I have taken WordPerfect Desktop Publishing (before Microsoft took over the world), Power Point and I think one more but I've gone blank. She's great! I tell people about her all the time.


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